We are on internet since 2000. And no one better than us can evaluate or knowing your needs or your waiting.

Accordingly, since 2013 we are offering you an unique service to be your only one interlocutor all the time beeing of your watch.

World Wide Pastore-Nicolet SA Services

    Henceforth, our services will be including the following allowance :
  • Pastore-Nicolet SA, is a company on duty since 1937, belonging to the same familly since 3 generations, which is garanty you the longevity and a serious notoriety on the Geneva place (see the historic).
  • Our acquaint of the Swiss tradition which make our reputation to give you the best usefull information to help you to make your order, they are at your request all the time that you will carry your watch. With a traditional aftersale service.
  • All our employees are formed to answer all type of questions, that it be in our shop Rue du Mont-Blanc or on internet, in different languages (Frenche, English, Russes, German, Italien, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thailandese).
  • You will always found a certified watchmaker in the shop.
    An aftersale service on all Swiss brand names still be produced :
  • Battery change for any Swiss watches done by our certified watchmaker.
  • For all the watches purchase from Pastore-Nicolet SA, the batteryexchange of the 1st battery is free of charge, on simply showing your garanty card given with your purchase.
  • Each time that we change a battery, we check the waterproofing and informing you on the actual statut of it.
  • General cleaning, your watch will be ship to the original factory maker to be done there, then you will have the bill from this factory, which will make you again a world wide garanty on the aftersale service.
  • We can supply you any more links for your strap (maximum 2 links, not valuable links like gold, platinum or so).
  • If you will need more than 2 links, the extras will be charge at real cost.
  • Sizing of watches purchase from us, are free of charges, links remove will be given to you with your watch.
  • We have in the shop a minimum stock of 800 wrist watch straps, in different materials (leather, austruche, crocodile, alligator, galluchat, steel….) from brand names factories that we are official dealers and we can also order from others Swiss brand names in several days to be deliver
  • We can also provide you obviously metal straps (steel, gold plated, steel and 18kt gold, full gold …) oft he brand names that we are official dealers. And this in a short delay (2 to 5 opening days according to availability from factories makers).
  • We do ship world wide, all our shipping are covered by a travel insurance against lost of stolen. Sorry we can not ship in countries in war.
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